Tic, Tac, Click.

Tic, Tac, Click.

Tic, Tac, Click.
Tic tac Click, tic tac click.
Primitively acquaint extraordinarily.
Unsophisticated cherries from the same stem.

Tic tac click, tic tac click.
It runs ten thousand rounds on the surface.
Summer’s hot and short.
Red bloody juice leaked out from the rift.
Soapy seed of the cherry went on fire.
Sticks pierced through leaving nothing but wounds.

Tic tac click, tic tac click.
The seed surrounded by dust.
Yet the prunus wipe off the dust.
Clinged, facing the wind and sunset, flourished.

Seed’s glad and calm.
And the cherry’s scared of
Being ripe, cut.
Yet grasped by no prunus,
The bitterness from dumbness and itch.

Scarlet Scarf

Scarlet Scarf

愛於刺激中求安穩 愛發掘世界的多樣化 可以很快愛人 但不容易相信人

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